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The good and the bad
News. It has everyone talking.
What's about it that's so intriguing?
Is it the way it can distort reality?
Or is it what we can tell another about?
What's so fascinating about bad news?
No one ever seems to appreciate the good news,
Yet bad news has everyone reading.
Even the most simple of soul.
You know what I hate about bad news?
It inclines people to take a side.
Are we entitled? Is it even our fight?
Go ahead,
Pick a side,
But it's not worth fighting over.
Trust me on this.
It's better if you were quiet.
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Eli Ayase Ballet by NQ01 Eli Ayase Ballet :iconnq01:NQ01 4 1 Filename by NQ01 Filename :iconnq01:NQ01 4 0
Afternoon sentimentality
Afternoon, 5:00pm.
Wednesday, 15th February.
A normal day.
A beautiful city, lit by a perfect afternoon sun.
Cars of many colours and shapes flew past each other on the dark-grey roads.
Tall, healthy trees give shade.
Cafes and small street shops lined the paths that people walked along.
Green signs, patches of yellowing grass, and the occasional church and house.
Some old sign about a half marathon lay beyond the bus window before continuing its journey.
In front, an elderly lady sat, holding the bar in front of her every now and then.
Behind, is unknown until the eyes become curious.
A girl, very plain and young, sits behind this lady.
She has her headphones in, listening to whatever appeals to her, be it sentimental rock, or modern pop, or even melodic classical.
She is reading something. To what it is is up to the curious mind.
She reads a bit.
She looks up, looking out the window she sits next to. Her neck seems to have a slight ache, and her facial features refl
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Snow Miku 2017 by NQ01 Snow Miku 2017 :iconnq01:NQ01 7 0 Phichit Chulanont by NQ01 Phichit Chulanont :iconnq01:NQ01 4 1 I can hear you, but I can't see you... by NQ01 I can hear you, but I can't see you... :iconnq01:NQ01 4 0 Magical Mirai Miku 2016 by NQ01 Magical Mirai Miku 2016 :iconnq01:NQ01 3 0
Lonely people
"Sometimes, the person who tries to keep everyone happy is always the most lonely person, so never leave them alone because they will never say that they need you."
I'm not lonely.
Sure, no one's here,
But that doesn't mean I'm alone.
I have all my friends.
I don't need everyone around me.
I'm perfectly fine.
W-what are you talking about?!
I'm not crying!
I guess I am....
But that doesn't mean I feel lonely!
I don't need the world to revolve around me!!!
My only wish.....
For everyone to get along....
Please make this a reality.....
Is this why-
Is this why I'm crying?
Oh God.... why do I feel so empty?
Is this loneliness?
... I don't like this...
... I feel so lonely...
... but please don't feel you need to be here...
... I don't want to burden you...
... Why are you still here?
... I said I was okay...
Yet, here you are....
Holding me in your arms...
... Crying with me...
... Why are you drying my tears?
... I'm not important...
... I should be drying
:iconnq01:NQ01 1 0
- 707xReader - Choose me last?
Based off a headcanon I found on tumblr. Link to this is in description.
You had just finished the route for Yoosung, and you were ready to start this all over again.
You were ready to move forward to the next route.
Just as you were going to press the button labelled 'Start over', 707, or Luciel, approached you, a smile on his face. He looked at the device in your hands.
"Hey, Seven." You said. You moved your finger away from the screen, and smiled at him. The smile was rather weak, however.
"Hey, (y/n). Wat'cha doing there?" He moved closer to you, and had a look at what was on your phone screen. "Ahh... You're resetting again?" This line made you freeze up on the inside.
"How'd you-" He interrupted you with a chuckle.
"Haha... Well, that's how the game goes." So he knows this is just a game? You thought to yourself. Your thoughts were interrupted by him beginning to speak again.
"But could I ask you something, (y/n)?" He asked. Curious, you nodded.
"Could you um...
:iconnq01:NQ01 16 8
Where the Umbrella Ends by NQ01 Where the Umbrella Ends :iconnq01:NQ01 3 0
Mature content
Loneliness :iconnq01:NQ01 1 13
Quick little sketch by NQ01 Quick little sketch :iconnq01:NQ01 4 2 It's only a light shower~ by NQ01 It's only a light shower~ :iconnq01:NQ01 2 1
"You okay?" My friend asks me. I nod my nod and smile.
"Of course I am! Why wouldn't I?" I look at my watch which read '9:05' "Oh! Sorry, I have to go now! I'll see you at break!" I dash off, giving my friend a smile and wave.
I arrive a little late, but the teacher isn't angry with me. Rather, she smiles upon my arrival. She kindly instructs me to have a seat, and then we make small talk; her asking how I am and I answer.
"And how have you been coping lately?" She asks. I fall silent, and enter a state of bittersweet sadness. I'm still smiling though.
"I've been able to cope just fine lately, but when someone mentions it, it makes me feel a little sad..." Was my reply. She smiles, telling me that those sorts of feelings are completely normal, and that everyone experiences these feelings after the shock of something like my situation. I give her a weak smile, thank her, and leave the room, but not my thoughts.
"Hey! How was school?" My mum asks me the minute she opens the door. I s
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Pure~ by NQ01 Pure~ :iconnq01:NQ01 0 0

Random Favourites

rain is fun by Apofiss rain is fun :iconapofiss:Apofiss 3,528 64 e t e r n a l   |   s l u m b e r by Ilmadur e t e r n a l | s l u m b e r :iconilmadur:Ilmadur 301 56
Magic Trio x Reader ~Camigani's Corner~ Prologue
Something told you that you weren’t supposed to be here. It was out of place like a jigsaw puzzle from another box mixed in with another, or a brick sticking out of an otherwise flawless layout due to a rupture or tremor beneath the earth. The wind was out of tune, and the population of pedestrians and vehicles had vanished into thin air. From the other side of the foggy glass, a faint scent of incense leaked through the hidden cracks, and before you knew it, your feet had dragged you in the direction of the bell-hung door, through the jangling handle, and into the curious little shop known only by the faded lettering on the sign as “Camigani’s Corner.”
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 90 17
The Garden (Ghost!S.Italy x Child!Reader) pt 1
(This story is a sequel to "A Friend." This takes place a few months after the end of "A Friend," when it is now summer break.)
"(Name), can you come here for a moment?" Your mother called to you.
"Ok! You turned to your ghostly friend, Feliciano, who nodded in approval. You ran to your mother.
"Yes, mommy?" You asked.
"Look, I've been doing some thinking. You've been playing with your little ghost friend for awhile, and that's okay, but he's a ghost. And I think…you should spend some time with some other people for a bit."
"What? Why?"
"Because he's a ghost. He may be good company, but he can only be seen by you, and I'm afraid you won't be able to make other friends. So…I'm going to take you to the park. I'm going to be working in the community garden, and there'll be a lot of other kids too."
You frowned. "B-but…"
"Don't worry. It won't be all day. You'll be able to see him again."
You sighed, and nodded.
"Okay…" you turned around. "Feli?"
"Yeah?" He
:iconwish-i-was-finnish:Wish-I-Was-Finnish 24 35
A Friend (Ghost!N.Italy X Child!Reader) pt 1
You've never had that many friends.
You were just a little tyke, after all.
The other students at your school thought you were weird, but you didn't know why.
There were some strange quiet people you would talk to, and your fellow students would look at you weirdly or comment "Who's she talking to? An imaginary friend?" You didn't understand what they meant. Surely they saw the person too, right?
After a long day, your mom drove you home. You really couldn't hold it in anymore. You had to ask her about this.
"Hey, um, mom?"
"Yes, sweetie?"
"Do you see see-through people too?"
"They're there, right?"
Your mom became silent.
(Mom's POV)
Oh no. She has the "gift." Her father had this gift as well. It's been passed down from generation to generation. The gift is the ability to see spirits. I'd think it's a useful gift, but to other people you're just talking to nothing, so naturally, they'd become an outcast. Her father was like that too. I love her very much, and I don't want her
:iconwish-i-was-finnish:Wish-I-Was-Finnish 29 5
The Garden (Ghost!S.Italy x Child!Reader) pt 4
"Feli! I'm back!"
"Oh! Signorina, it's great to see you aga-"
Feli turned around to see that (name) wasn't alone.
"Hey, Fratellino."
Feli's eyes were wide open. He put both hands to his mouth.
"Oh mio Dio…"
Feli ran up and embraced Lovino in a tight hug.
"I missed you so much."
"Okay, okay, calm down, you're crushing me."
"Oh, sorry!"
He let go for a bit, but couldn't hold it in and hugged him again. Lovino groaned.
"Where have you been? What took you so long? Ok, I'm sorry, it's just that I missed you so much! I haven't seen you for decades! Oh, I can't believe you're back!"
"I was at the garden."
"Oh! So she found you? Or did you follow her home without her knowing?"
"She found me. I…I didn't want to go back yet."
Feli let go.
"Che cosa? Why?"
"I…I was…" he looked back at you. He sighed. "I was jealous of you, okay?! I thought you got everything, and I felt that you'd end up being pampered while I end up getting the short end of the stick."
Feli looked concern
:iconwish-i-was-finnish:Wish-I-Was-Finnish 21 14
Eli practice doodle by hashagi Eli practice doodle :iconhashagi:hashagi 54 3
AmericaXReader: Small Fire
The car door slams behind me as I hop onto the weather-beaten road. I plant my hands on my hips and survey the forest before me. It was a good twenty minute drive out of the city to make it here, and it’s worth the early wake up. The autumn breeze whips up the fog of the woods in swirls, making it look positively magical. It reminds me of a scene in a fantasy book.
Alfred comes up behind me and puts his arm around my shoulders. He sweeps his arm out at the woods and says, “This is the lovely place we’ll be spending the next two days in a tent, all nice and cozy.” I laugh as he wraps his arms around my waist, wiggling his eyebrows.
“Let’s get the car unpacked and head to the site, then we’ll rest. Imagine the s’mores filling your belly,” I say, patting Alfred’s stomach. He looks up dreamily and I circle the car to pop open the trunk.
We packed lightly, being that we were only going to be in the woods one night and it was a thir
:iconbella-the-hetalian:bella-the-hetalian 19 7
Mr. KitKat Series(4) by Cioccolatodorima Mr. KitKat Series(4) :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 2,731 99 AT: Angel-Angel-1 by YamiLinkoftheLeaf AT: Angel-Angel-1 :iconyamilinkoftheleaf:YamiLinkoftheLeaf 76 25
I'm Ok~Hetalia x Reader Prologue
Just A Nobody
Human~Christina Perri
          Let’s get one thing straight. This girl. She has a good life. Not the best, but certainly ok.
          She has straight A’s which could still be improved, but frankly, she doesn’t have the time and she’s too lazy to study anyways.
          She has a small group of friends. About 8 in total. A mixture of guys and girls. All of them are quite friendly and nice.
          She lives a majority of her life online. She’s not very popular, but she really only cares about her “internet” friends. They’re a larger group than her “real life” friends and she considers them to be closer than her “real life” ones also. Though she’s quite careful of her private information. She doesn’t want any creeps coming after
:iconcataliepicatso:CataliePicatso 177 25
.:Miniatura II:. by SheilaMBrinson .:Miniatura II:. :iconsheilambrinson:SheilaMBrinson 286 41
(Japan x Reader) - Sakura Perfection
I breathe a soft sigh as my mind flickers back to my best friend and fellow country. It took several years of us being friends before he felt willing to open up to me and now he’s the country that I’m closest to. It was breathless getting to see a new side of him that no one else got to see and I’ve always felt very honored that he would choose me to open up to. After that, most of our days were spent together drawing manga and watching anime together, he did introduce it to me after all. I would even go as far as to say that I’m in love with the man.
I bet you’re wondering who exactly this country is that I’ve trusted with my heart. His name is Honda Kiku, or as I’m allowed to call him Kiku-chan. The very personification of Japan, the man with silky black hair and soft, heart-melting brown eyes. I would do anything for him at a single glance or a soft flutter of those perfect eyelashes, but his looks are not what I fell for. Sure, he’s a
:iconaprillilypegasi:AprilLilypegasi 24 5
Secret Place by Krisahe Secret Place :iconkrisahe:Krisahe 980 49 Expression of Prussia (?) by joycep6b15 Expression of Prussia (?) :iconjoycep6b15:joycep6b15 58 32 Expression of Russia (?) by joycep6b15 Expression of Russia (?) :iconjoycep6b15:joycep6b15 58 10


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honest opinion: what are your thoughts on coffee in avocados?
Does anyone know a rough date as to when piapro will post about Snow Miku 2018 theme...?
I PROMISE I'LL BE POSTING UP MORE ART ON HERE!!!! It's just I find myself so busy... But not anymore! My major work for the year has finished, and I'm ready to relax a lot more!
I used to be so active on here... Now I find myself being able to watch more anime~ (even if it's time I should be putting towards my work...)

In other news, Yuri!!! On Ice is a good anime. 
*whispers* watch it
If a Vocaloid song producer stops all Vocaloid works or they pass away, does Miku mourn?

Excuse my randomness, I'm tired and I just listened to a Vocaloid song made by a producer who passed away last year (rest in peace siinamoto)

Now please excuse me once again as I go to my cry corner *sobs*


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